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AG08 session Scanning the Globe: Connecting your Digital World to the World Around You by Brent Schlenker

(For the live blogging info look below the AG08 synopsis)

blog of Brent Schlenker (btw do not get scared while looking at the picture, he only showing his energetic soul)

It is still difficult to use mobile devices to interact with the Web and the world around us, but new technologies are being created to help solve that problem. There are many opportunities to incorporate digital data with learning events that take place in a physical, real-world setting. In 2007 this technology significantly expanded in Asia, and it is coming to the U.S. in 2008. Soon all cameraphones will have the application preinstalled, and you will want to use this innovative technology in your instructional design.

Session participants will learn about QR codes, barcodes that can be printed on anything. Cameraphones equipped with QR reader applications can snap a photo of the printed QR code to trigger events on their mobile device. The code could launch a mobile browser to a designated URL, or it might dial a phone number, or trigger the sending of a text message – there really is no limit to what this form of data entry can do. For example, suppose a museum or zoo simply had a printed QR code that would launch a video or audio clip explaining the exhibit? You will get many ideas for using this technology in your training programs.

In this session, you will learn:

* Basic QR code technology
* Examples of QR codes being used today
* Who might benefit from QR codes
* Ideas on how to incorporate QR codes into your training programs

Live from room Palm 4 at Hilton, Orlando, Florida
Brent looks a bit tired after a energy filled conference that has been going on for days. He groups us as high-geeks :-)

QRcode: quick respons code
two-dimensional code and the shapes define what the content is = barcodes.
you can load anything into qrcodes (phonenumbers, adds, contests...)

some interesting links
QRcode on wikipedia
mobile codes consortium MC2 (HP, Nokia...)
Nokia beta labs
zebracode from google (Android SDK from Google, the phones that have this will be able to scan qrcodes. )

2D barcode manifesto
1. The potential of 2D barcodes is limited only by your imagination
2. Mobile devices - formerly known as phones - will define the game
3. Barcode readers tightly integrated in devices
4. Free barcode generators
5. Avoiding fragmentation: emergence of global de-facto standards
6. Avoiding patent wars
7. Avoiding the “tragedy of anticommons”
8. Data Matrix and QR Code are currently the only feasible alternatives to emerge as de-facto standards
9. Unleashing user-driven innovation
10. Enabling 3rd party innovation

The great live blogger Tracy Hamilton is putting a post up, so I will just link to that post here. If you want you can see the session through a recorded below.

eLearning brainstorm with the participants, this is were my interest rises - but I found out we (at the institute) are already using a lot of these examples:
  • operating procedures that are pasted on instruments, machines...
  • because it is mobile, you do not need to type your url to be redirected to content information.
  • location based information can be delivered.
  • translation of signs
  • updates in manuals with qrcodes
Brent launches the possibility of getting a wiki going if any of the participants want to.

(suddenly realizing that with the other mobile apps, this does overlap sometimes)

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