Tuesday, 22 April 2008

new webportal: Science without Borders launched

Yesterday the Science without Borders WebPortal was launched!

Science without Borders (SWB) initiates, facilitates and supports cooperation between higher education teachers and students, scientists, researchers and other stakeholders of the academic sphere between Africa and Europe. Science without Borders was launched in 2007 as multistakeholder network of organisations involved in higher education, academic cooperation and science based activities between the two regions, amongst others, supported by the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning.

The initiative focusses on small scale, short term cooperations in order to provide quick wins for those who are usually not reached through big framework initiatives, the locally working researchers, scientists, teachers and students in universities, academies and colleges.

The initiative starts now - we invite you all to come and register:

We already have our first 'project': The CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food (http://www.waterandfood.org) and the International Foundation for Science (www.ifs.se) asked Science without Borders to find mentors (junior and senior scientists) in the fields of watershed management and agricultural development to provide feedback on abstracts and papers submitted by young scientist from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.These young scientists are competing for stipends which will allow them to present their research at the Forum, and to participate in a training workshop on scientifi writing, to be hosted by the International Foundation for Science.

Interested? Then have alook: www.without-borders.org

What next? Let's hear about your ideas and feedback!

Science without Borders Founding members are from the following organisations:

Eco Innovations, Ireland, (www.eco-innovation.net) ESC Rennes, France, (www.escrennes.fr ) | Full Circle Association, USA,
(www.fullcirc.com) | European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning,
(www.qualitiyfoundation.org) | Kenyatta University, Nairobi,
(www.ku.ac.ke) | Lesley Boyd Consultant, South Africa,
(www.lesley-boyd.za) | MENON Network, Belgium, (www.menon.org) UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumptionand Production (CSCP), Germany, (www.scp-centre.org) United Nations University, EHS, Bonn, Germany, (www.ehs.unu.edu) University Duisburg - Essen, Germany, (www.uni-due.de) University of Pretoria, South Africa, (www.up.ac.za)

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