Wednesday 12 June 2013

Probation report and slides on #mobile #MOOC and #SDL

After a week of heavy typing, my probation report incorporating literature review looking at challenges for self-directed learning (SDL), a methodology rationale and instruments for investigating SDL is ready for dissemination to ... is ready for whomever it might interest.

This week I moved from my master thesis to the first step towards a PhD by getting the probation report out. As some friends have asked me to share some of my PhD life, I thought sharing my probation report would be of interest. A probation report is a necessary step for all PhD students in the UK to fulfill if they want to move to the official title of a PhD student. Up until the probation exam, any PhD student in the UK would be considered a Master in Philosophy. My actual probation exam is planned for 1 July 2013, but in order for the jury to review what I have been doing, the hard copies of my probation report needed to be in this week.

Anyone wanting to read the probation report: you can find it here (I also added some notes that share the rationale behind some sections, hopefully helping others when they need to tackle this challenge).

I also gave a presentation on my master thesis, running up to my PhD during the CALRG conference in Milton Keynes, UK. I gladly share it below, it has some conclusions I took away from my thesis research.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Summer schools on serious gaming and video use

Two interesting summer school courses arrived in my mail box: one on video in research (3 week course in Finland) and one on serious gaming (one intense week in Austria), open for master and PhD students, and researchers.

VIDEO IN RESEARCH ON LEARNING AND EDUCATION SUMMER SCHOOL COURSE 2013CICERO Learning Network will be organising a three-week summer school course in Helsinki on 6-22 August for the fifth consecutive year. The Video Research course is designed for students and researchers  
interested in using video-based methods and technologies in research on learning and education. The course focuses on current trends and phenomena in video research.  Participants are also encouraged to share their experiences of video research tools and projects. The course is an excellent opportunity for students and researchers to network while developing their understandings about the possibilities and challenges of video research in diverse settings. The course is part of the 2013 Helsinki Summer School (HSS) and the language of instruction is English.

For more detailed information (timetable, eligibility criteria):

Helsinki Summer School (application forms and practical information):

2-6 September 2013, University of Graz, Austria

The summer school course will include lectures and workshops at least on:
  • - serious game design theories and practices
  • - serious game development tools and techniques
  • - serious game research methodology
The course will be an insightful and inspirational opportunity for young researchers and professionals get to know the realm of serious gaming.

The organizing committee has managed to attract some great speakers, including Harri Ketamo (SkillPixels Ltd) and many others from fine institutions such as Coventry University (the Serious Games Institute), Nottingham University, Utrecht University, Herriot-Watt University, Delft University of Technology.

For more information and registration:

Organiser: Games and Learning Alliance (GALA)