Friday 7 January 2022

Moving to my next interest: professionals beyond 50 changing projects

Learning and especially online and mobile learning was a passion of mine for years. Not only professionally, but also personally. I have spent many ours exploring, researching and disseminating best practices (as well as actions you better avoid 😀 ). This was an effortless and frequently non-paid activity. But now well into the Corona years, I can no longer enjoy looking at the current basic implementation of what was considered digital or online learning. 

My interest was waning in the last few years anyhow, as I like new things and once it becomes overly structured, I just loose interest. I like to explore, test out, gather with people that are passionate about a subject in learning or self-realisation themselves and ... join forces while trying to find optimal solutions. 

Given my personality, online learning is now overstructured, meaning it is now being built with a common denominator that is cost efficient, yet only reaches the basic implementation of what might work in what I would consider an ideal learning world. It is no longer the quest for Online Educational Resources, MOOCs, access for all, it is just another means of business. 

So I decided to close this blogging chapter of my life after more than 1000 blogposts from 2007 onward. I now know for certain I will blog about it again... I won't as the passion has faded. Writing to me is reflection, exploration while sharing... so I will use that energy for a new horizon that has caught my attention: professionals who change their lives beyond the age of 50 (no age limit). 

For those interested: I just started to build an awareness dissemination on the subject, feel free to follow my next chosen journey here: