Thursday, 24 April 2008


NASA wants to start a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online game) as an educational game. This certainly goes towards a full laboratory simulation if you ask me. It surely looks promising, or as they say it:

"The idea of the MMO educational game is to present NASA content in such a way as to draw students into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning and to spark interest in STEM-oriented careers." You've gotta love this idea!

The effort is a partnership between NASA Learning Technologies and the Innovative Partnerships Program, which is run out of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and acts as a go-between for collaborative projects between the space agency and private industry.

Interested to learn more? Look here.

At our institute we are working on a game that involves HIV/AIDS, but I will keep you informed on this one as we proceed with our plans.

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