Thursday, 3 April 2008

eLearning Guild Annual Gathering: my live blogging schedule

In preparation of the live blogging I have planned during the eLearning Guilds Annual Gathering, I list my schedule. If any of you are planning to blog on this conference, let me know your schedule, we could link to one another.

The tag I use for this conference is AG08.

Thursday 15 April:

Session 103 at 10.45 am: The Secret of Delivering Outstanding Virtual Classroom Training by Frank Gartland.

Session 206 at 01.00 pm: Evidence-based e-Learning Methods to Build Creative Thinking Skills by Ruth Clark.

Session 302 at 02.30pm: Mobile Learning Today and Tomorrow by Judy Brown.

Session 408 at 04.00 pm: Storyboarding for e-Learning Video Production by Steve Haskin and Joanna Miller.

Thursday 16 April:

Session 501 at 10.45 am: Mission Possible: Next Generation Content Transformation by Kris Rockwell and Ganesh Kumar.

Session 607 at 01.15am: I'm Busy Enough ... What Do I Need a Second Life For? By Alan Levine.

Session 704 at 02.45pm: Scanning the Globe: Connecting your Digital World to the World Around You by Brent Schlenker.

Friday 17 April:

Session 805 (my own, look further down)

Session 911 at 11.15am: 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story by Alan Levine.

My sessions:

Thursday 17 April at 10 am session 805 The Impact of Mobile Social Media in Developing Countries” during which I will talk about social media, mobile social media use (eLearning and activism). Roaring to go on this topic!

Wednesday 16 April at 7.15 – 8.15 am (okay, this breakfast byte will hurt that early in the morning)
Topic: “How do YOU Organize the Exploding Digital Knowledge?” these ‘breakfast bytes’ are free for all and it is meant to be an informal discussion/learning moment.

If you would like me to interview one of these speakers, let me know (add questions) and I will try to schedule an interview.


  1. I'll be eagerly awaiting your posts! Wish I could be there so we could meet in person...perhaps next year.

  2. Since I am not able to attend I will look forward to your blog. What tool will you be using for your live blog?

  3. wow! your presentation topic sounds very interesting! I spent some time in Mozambique & was really saddened by the situation with malaria, TB, and of course, AIDS. Lots of cases of river blindness, too. I can definitely see how using cell phones to gather data from clinics could work... am very impressed & eager to know more about what you've found.
    all best
    susan nash

  4. hi Cammy
    It would be great to meet in person, in the meanwhile I am practising my speed typing as we speak :-)

  5. hi Ted, depending on the setting I will be using different tools; not sure about the bandwidth in the conference rooms or the amount of people that will be using it, so I will try to use some uStreaming, but otherwise I will resort to my camera and some pictures together with blogposts.

  6. hi Susan,
    Yes, it is very impressive to see the changes happening in developing countries (in respect to medical training and other topics). I hope you will be attending? I will also share my ppt through slideshare (will post it ones it is up there).