Thursday, 3 April 2008

eLearning Guild Annual Gathering: my live blogging schedule

In preparation of the live blogging I have planned during the eLearning Guilds Annual Gathering, I list my schedule. If any of you are planning to blog on this conference, let me know your schedule, we could link to one another.

The tag I use for this conference is AG08.

Thursday 15 April:

Session 103 at 10.45 am: The Secret of Delivering Outstanding Virtual Classroom Training by Frank Gartland.

Session 206 at 01.00 pm: Evidence-based e-Learning Methods to Build Creative Thinking Skills by Ruth Clark.

Session 302 at 02.30pm: Mobile Learning Today and Tomorrow by Judy Brown.

Session 408 at 04.00 pm: Storyboarding for e-Learning Video Production by Steve Haskin and Joanna Miller.

Thursday 16 April:

Session 501 at 10.45 am: Mission Possible: Next Generation Content Transformation by Kris Rockwell and Ganesh Kumar.

Session 607 at 01.15am: I'm Busy Enough ... What Do I Need a Second Life For? By Alan Levine.

Session 704 at 02.45pm: Scanning the Globe: Connecting your Digital World to the World Around You by Brent Schlenker.

Friday 17 April:

Session 805 (my own, look further down)

Session 911 at 11.15am: 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story by Alan Levine.

My sessions:

Thursday 17 April at 10 am session 805 The Impact of Mobile Social Media in Developing Countries” during which I will talk about social media, mobile social media use (eLearning and activism). Roaring to go on this topic!

Wednesday 16 April at 7.15 – 8.15 am (okay, this breakfast byte will hurt that early in the morning)
Topic: “How do YOU Organize the Exploding Digital Knowledge?” these ‘breakfast bytes’ are free for all and it is meant to be an informal discussion/learning moment.

If you would like me to interview one of these speakers, let me know (add questions) and I will try to schedule an interview.