Wednesday, 9 April 2008

What would you like to do better as a Learning Professional?

This months The Big Question on Learning Circuits.

I would love to go interdisciplinary with people from other fields to see how or what this cross-motivation would come up with. More interdisciplinary action and discussion;

Losing less time with the change management’s angst and convincing people to dive into the change that Technology Enhanced Learning brings without too much of negativity (could you just say: “Ah, that looks really new, of course I would love to try it out!” – please just ones!);

Deciding on the ethical issue of free for all learning in relation to my own need for a pay check;

Having more time for TEL research;

Writing more stories and making more screenplays for comics (or movies, that would be great!);

Getting in touch with my theta brainwaves, which basically means giving my brain the time to come up with great ideas, which I can discuss with others from different areas of knowledge, that will lead to research topics, which in turn make eLearning stronger to sell and above all will make me a very lucky and motivated person and lifelong learner.

Ok, I am off now to do all these things... see you all later!

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