Wednesday, 23 April 2008

One of ITM's scientific flash learning instruments

At ITM we have been experimenting with Flash animations as learning tools. I just want to share one with you all, feel free to add comments or remarks.

Practice in veterinary diagnosis is essential and requires hours and days of intensive training in laboratories normally using expensive and high technological equipment. With the success of web-based and blended learning practice has never been more important because learners still need to be trained and prepared in diagnosis. New technologies both in software as well as photography-microscopy allow us to develop simulations and animations that imitate actions that are normally performed in laboratories. Even if practice is foreseen in curricula, learners can still prepare, educate or assess themselves with the use of these animations and simulations.

The simulation can be seen here.

For the diagnosis of tick-borne pathogens, such an animation was developed. The aim is to help learners identify a selection of the most important tick-borne pathogens by means of a virtual microscope. This virtual microscope offers most of the facilities a real microscope offers except for focusing. The use of the virtual microscope is explained in the simulation itself. No special knowledge for operation is required.

We are proud of this one, the brains behind this simulation is Maxime Madder, a great researcher and scientist at ITM.

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