Friday, 11 April 2008

AG08 presentation ready for your review

I just finished my well somewhat better then draft presentation that I am giving next week during the eLearning Guilds Annual Gathering and I have loaded it into slideshare (see below).

If you have any comments please let me know (rushing off to a meeting now).

PS @Nicola, I will add the Turkey/(Eastern) Europe one also but still need to paste it in.


  1. Hiya, sorry to not have been more use beforehand...hope to rejoin all things mobile in June...did you see Rudy's slides from Over the Air - I thought they were great!
    Your presentation looks really good - a nice path through the whole thing, I wish I could be there... PS minor thing but typo on one of the slides - Stephen Downs with 'e' - hope you don't mind me trip and look forward to your live blogging :-)))

  2. o-oh for the typo! Will rectify it immediately :-)

    Yes, my fingers are already itching to type.