Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Send your tips and get published

The eLearning Guild is gathering tips from eLearning experts. If you have tips that can enhance synchronous eLearning, feel free to contribute to the upcoming eBook that will be published in May by the eLearning Guild.

The nice thing about contributing to these eBooks is that they are offered for free afterwards. So in a way your knowledge will be spread around the world.

To contribute tips you do need to log-in to the eLearning Guild website, but that is just to make sure that they have an idea of who is contributing.

If you want to see some free eBooks for your self first, look here.

In the meantime I am getting my presentation finished for the upcoming eLearning Guilds’ Annual Gathering (14-17 April 2008, Orlando, Florida). I am planning to make my hand-outs available through QRcode and through a mobile wifi-setup.

As soon as my presentation is in beta (ahem) I will post it and ask you to give comments if you want to.

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