Tuesday 15 April 2008

AG08 session Mobile Learning Today and Tomorrow by Judy Brown

(For the live blogging info look below the AG08 synopsis)
The breakfast byte with Judy was already very motivating, so I am getting high hopes (she did mention she would speedtalk and speeddeliver knowledge... well, I am ready!)

The presentation of Judy Brown

Blog Judy Brown

(AG08 synopsis) If not already doing so, learners will be requesting mobile capabilities for learning. How does the growing mobile environment fit into your learning landscape? Have you implemented a mobile learning project, or are you planning one? Or you just don't see the need?

Wherever you are in this continuum, this session will update you on the state of the mobile environment, in relationship to learning and performance support.

In this session, you will learn:
  • Who is doing what in the mobile space (lots of examples)
  • What some of the future trends are
  • How to get started
  • A good overview of the mobile topic

Live from room Palm 5 at Hilton, Orlando, Florida
(how does she look, what is special about her, how does she speak...)

Judy tells us up front that she is really going to go QUICK, so I am ready to go. She comes from an educational background and... she comes across as a very knowledgeable mobile expert (impressive actually!).

Because she follows her ppt and because there are soo many slides, I am going to limit this writing to just a couple of ideas that I pick-up and is not mentioned in the presentation.

mobile: instant on, in the pocket, it has battery live that lasts a day, it is connected in some way is the definition of Judy Brown.

Judy is painting the bigger picture: we are learning everywhere and on demand. The demand is driving our learning.

the best example is Merrill Lynch (check out)

Good mobile learning community: LearningTown.com, another ning community.
Look at mobisitegalore.com
look at crisisresponse.mobi (developed in 3 hours!!)

Mentions 'new mother' courses in health management in developing countries.
Mentions CME (continued medical education) in developing countries.

I have made some vlogs about this session. Hope it will give you an idea of how inspiring, holistic and motivational her knowledge is.

Clickers used in schools to poll the students in the classroom (send this to Hiram Inge, possible solution for the attendance problem)

Mentions that a lot of companies are working on mobile solutions, so just ask them if they did not come out with something.

conclusion: this was a real mobile knowledge bomb! Okay, I want to work in her team, you do not have to pay me Judy, I will live and learn! You could feel the enthusiasm, the strong interest and in-depth knowledge.

Here you can find a couple of vlogs from the session:

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