Friday, 28 September 2012

#m4D webinar with #mobile #health projects from Malawi provided by Limbanazo Kapindula

In this short (15 min + 5 Q/A) and very illuminating webinar given by Limbanazo Kapindula who spoke straight from Malawi, Africa, we all get an idea of the impact of simple sms solutions on the health of the whole family: parents and children.
In the webinar he shows how African community health workers work around some connectivity challenges, how they solve stock problems in their rural clinics... Another interesting addition is Limbanazo's analysis of the sms's exchanged and for what purposes: health related, technical, emergencies... The simple fact that sms is used for such a variety of purposes gives an indication of its impact.
Limbanazo also looked at the impact on costs and time saved thanks to setting up the frontline sms based solution. If you want to join hands for your own project, feel free to email him at lkapindula