Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Illuminating webinar by Adele Botha on #mobile learning with examples, pointers and theory #mobimooc

This webinar shows a live presentation that was given by Adele Botha. In this live webinar recording, Adele shares multiple mobile projects from South Africa. She also gives us a potential framework to view mobile projects with, varying from low mobility in a low context, to a high mobility in a high context. In addition she also talks about a wonderful informal way of giving accredition: the earn-as-you-learn principle. And to finalize the webinar she offers an overview of the Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework, to which she launches an appeal for people to join into the discussion.

Join the discussion in the free discussion group:
Or look at the content of the Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework here:

This recorded webinar is part of the MobiMOOC 2012 course. A free, open, online course on mobile learning. We are now in the second week of MobiMOOC and you are free to join any specialized topic that you might be interested in. How? Simply choose the topic and become member of that specific group. An overview of the topics and their consecutive discussion groups can be found here.