Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Two days before free, open, online #mLearning course #MobiMOOC launches

Okay, I admit, as organizer of MobiMOOC I am at this point feeling both very anxious ("I will never get everything done in time!), blissfully excited ("Oh my, so many wonderful people have joined!") and definitely nervous ("I sure hope everything will work... crossing fingers"). So yes, this feels like that moment where you slowly get pulled up a roller-coaster and you are nearing that first dive into the wild unknown....aaaaaahhhhh!

For those not registered for the free, open, online course on mobile learning, the so called MobiMOOC, join us by becoming a member in the MobiMOOC google group here! We are with 526 registered participants already, from all around the world (only Antarctica is not represented as a continent). There are 12 mLearning topics, all facilitated by wonderful mLearning pioneers.   
Apart from the three topics mentioned below there will also be: corporate mLearning, mHealth, augmented reality, mobile gaming, mobile activism in education, train-the-trainer, mLearning pedagogy and theory, mLearning for development, mobile tools. Yes, three weeks of intense mobile knowledge exchange.
Now, with just two days before the free, open, online course MobiMOOC starts, a quick look at the content for the first two weeks:

Content and resources introducing mLearning and mobile planning (first week), facilitated by Inge de Waard can be found here:

John Traxler will guides us on the subject of the impact of mobile devices on global learning. Ideas, discussions and philosophical strands can be found here (second week):

Adele Botha provides insights on embedding or rolling out a mobile learning curriculum for which she and her collaborators worked on the Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework. More information on this subject can be found here (second week):

Looking forward to seeing you all!