Monday, 1 October 2012

How #mobiles helped save Los Angeles Adult #education with Sean Abajian

With education being at the crossroads it says to be and with the crisis cutting educational initiatives around the world, this video can give us some strategies to see positive change happening thanks to grassroot action.

In this 25 minute video Sean Abajian shares the journey of some educational activists that were able to ralley using mobile phone calls and community action to safeguard adult education in Los Angeles.
Adult education has been thriving in the Los Angeles area from 1870's and last December 2011 it was said to be cut completely by the local government. This would have had a disasterous effect on both adults (many of which are parents) as well as on their children.
Thanks to strong grassroots action and the joining of hands with community leaders, they were successful in saving adult education.
In a marginal note, I learned that the use of "Si se puede" - Yes, we can - the oneliner for which Obama became famous in his last campaign is actually taken from the Latin American activist population!

This is a remarkable story of just a few activist, gathering a community to change the future of education and save the creation of knowledge for hundred thousands of families.