Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Factors for setting up a #mobile learning project

The free, open, online course MobiMOOC is well on the way (but feel free to join, we are only in the first introduction week, so simply come in and choose your prefered topic).

This week two presentations were shared and a multitude of discussions on various mLearning topics were started. I gladly share the two presentations below: one giving an introduction to mLearning, the other zooming in on the factors to take into account when wanting to draw up an mLearning project.

For those interested in starting their own mLearning project, feel free to have a look at this presentation. There is also a YouTube movie with audio on the slides that can be found at this url: 

For those interested in an overview of mobile learning or mLearning, the following presentation might be of interest. The presentation below is also available as a YouTube movie, with audio going through the slides, which might make more sense at times (not taking into account my Flemish accent). The youtube movie can be seen at this URL: