Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What I expect from #MobiMOOC as organizer and guide on the side

A couple of MobiMOOC participants have started blogging on their expectations of MobiMOOC (see a list of the blogposts below this post). And reading all of their thoughts, plans and views, I thought it would be nice to share my hopes for MobiMOOC, as the one initiating the course and partly facilitating it.

What are my expectations of MobiMOOC:
  • To learn in a comfortable setting, with peers that have mutual interests (mLearning)
  • To get a better understanding of all the factors making up 21st century, open learning
  • To have fun within a learner community
  • To create an efficient, informal yet fun learning environment that adapts to the learner demands (within my own capacities and technological options)
  • Getting in touch with wonderful friends and colleagues talking about a common topic
  • Becoming more understanding as I meet diverse people
  • And … chaos, lots of chaos especially me trying to keep up with all the discussions, all the good ideas, keeping all locations up and running...

Blogposts of MobiMOOC participants pondering on the first days of MobiMOOC:
By Michael Sean Gallagher (@mseangallagher)
By Rebecca Hogue (@rjhogue )
From David Lewis (@DrPlumEU)
From Apostolos Koutropoulos (@koutropoulos)
Jim Vanides (@jgvanides )
The techie Professor Jeremy

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