Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Call for peer review on #mLearning Curriculum Framework

Adele Botha took the lead to construct a Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework. And she graciously asked some domain experts to co-construct it in a first phase. So we (Jacqueline Batchelor, John Traxler, Marlien Herselman, Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Tom Brown, Mike Sharples, Johannes Cronje, Dolf Steyn, Leon Kunneke, Gloria Adedoja and myself Inge de Waard (so people from South Africa, Nigeria, United Kingdom and Belgium) got together and got a draft going.

But now the floor is open to all of us to strengthen the framework. Reviewing and optimizing the framework is one of the topics of the free, open, online course on mobile learning (MobiMOOC). MobiMOOC will be starting Saturday 8 September 2012 with an introduction to mLearning, and from 15 - 22 September the topic of Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework will be open. Look at the course wikipage here for more information. The week will be facilitated by Adele Botha, an expert in both mobile learning and educational course architecture.  If you want to enroll in MobiMOOC, feel free to become a member in the MobiMOOC google group (that is our meeting point).

If all of us pitch in, the framework can be released as on open educational resource that will enable any interested person to pick up certain modules and add it to their own learning/training structure. For the Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework will enable everyone to roll out or embed a strong educational curriculum structure that has strong mobile device strategies that can be used in a variety of training/educational fields.

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts, or if you are looking to embed mobile learning in your curriculum, see how the framework works for you and add your comments, ideas, remarks, suggestions... anything that can strengthen it for this will help us all.

You can find more information in a paper here:this link opens a paper on the Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework that was presented during the IST Africa Conference in 2012.

And a live webinar on the Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework is planned for Monday 17 September 2012 at 5.00 PM, Brussels, Central European time (look here for a list of YOUR local times organized per country/city)
This webinar can be followed at this URL (make sure you have a headset for optimal listening/speaking quality)

During the live session Adele Botha will shed light on the concept of a mobile learning curriculum and ask for all of our feedback on the mobile learning curriculum framework that can be used to set up, embed or roll out a mobile learning curriculum.

The worldwide nearly ubiquitous access to mobile technology provides the education domain with new challenges and many exciting opportunities. Utilization is, however, often hampered by the knowledgeable implementation of the technology in ways that are relevant and meaningful to the education. To assist in preparing in-service and pre-service educators, NGO’s, practitioners, researchers and instructors to utilise mobile technology a Mobile Learning Curriculum is deemed be a significant advantage in furthering the goals of education for all.