Friday, 31 August 2012

Serious Games? Join the free #mLearning course #MobiMOOC

With the start of MobiMOOC getting closer, all the course pages become populated. (The free, open, online course MobiMOOC starts on 8 September 2012. Not registered yet? Simply become a member of MobiMOOC google group to become a participant in MobiMOOC).

In the third week of the course (23 - 29 September 2012) David Parsons from the Massey University in New Zealand will take us on a one week journey into serious games. He will ask all of us participants to exchange experiences, challenges and ideas on games for education and showcase a game he has been developing.

To get an overview of the essential factors of why games stimulate us for learning and which implications this have I gladly link to a wonderfully inspiring presentation by Sebastian Deterding (seriously, it is mind blowing beautiful and intelligent!). Make sure you look at the presentation in full screen, as the comments Sebastian provides in his presentation are what makes it an inspiring slide set.

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