Monday, 6 August 2012

Plan your corporate #mobile learning with Amit Garg

Amit Garg is one of the facilitators in the upcoming, free, online course on Mobile Learning (mLearning). He is one of the co-founders of Amit will take us all on a tour to see what it takes, how to strategies and successfully implement mobile learning for corporations and business organizations. He has been implementing corporate learning solutions for the last 12 years. You can find Amit's MobiMOOC course page here, his online webinar will be of interest to anyone who wants to embed or improve their knowledge management levels inside her/his corporation.

Below you find a powerpoint on the subject of mLearning at the workplace. But first a bit more on the course.MobiMOOC is a free, international, online course on mobile learning (mLearning). Join us to collaboratively enhance our mobile learning knowledge.  

More information:
Where: online.
Cost:  this is a free course. Register for free: you can sign up for the course by becoming a member of the MobiMOOC google group
When:  8 – 30 September 2012
Central course location:
What type of learning: guided collaborative, peer-to-peer learning: lots of discussions and sharing of experiences, overviewed by mobile learning experts.
Participate in the MobiMOOC Award contest: if you participate in the MobiMOOC award, your mobile learning project overview can earn you 500 USD. See here for more information.

Topics: 12 mobile learning topics will be covered, guided by expert facilitators in the subject.  Topics covered: introduction to mobile learning, planning mobile learning (Inge de Waard, Belgium), mobile learning curriculum (Adele Botha, South-Africa), corporate mLearning (Amit Garg, India), augmented learning (Victor Alvarez, Spain), global mLearning topics (John Traxler, UK), mobile health (Malcolm Lewis, Australia), mobile activism in education (Sean Abajian, USA), serious games with mobiles (David Parsons, New Zealand), mobile learning theory and pedagogy (Geoff Stead, UK), mobile learning tools (all of the participants), mLearning for developing regions (Michael Sean Gallagher, Korea/USA/UK) and train-the-trainer solutions (Jacqueline Batchelor, South-Africa).

Here is a taste of what Amit will serve us during the course, focusing on implementing mLearning at the workplace.

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