Monday, 13 August 2012

The benefits of open access #openeducation

Thanks to Stephen Downes' Ol'Daily I got hold of a wonderful and very insightful blogpost from Laura Czerniewicz. In her blogpost she talks about educational technology for equity. In the post she zooms in on an essay she wrote (the original form of the essay) in which she uses the South African context to look at whose interests educational technology does serve? And also for which ends is it pursued and which of the current trends are most relevant to advancing the equity agenda?  How can equity be kept foregrounded when universities globally, and in Africa in particular are under serious pressure? The current turmoil derives from a complex interplay of factors including the massification of tertiary systems, the impacts of information and communications technology, globalisation and the rise of the knowledge economy.

It is a wonderful post and I use parts of it to respond to a call for the Alpine Rendez-Vous that is planned in ... the Alps by the end of January 2013 and which will focus on combating the educational crisis. In fact, while writing this, I should ask Laura to join in a common workshop.

Laura has a great view on why open access has benefits for all, especially those that are currently under-served. I will refer to her presentation whenever I encounter yet another person who doubts the use of open content:

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