Friday, 17 August 2012

Interested in #augmented learning join #MobiMOOC for free

Augmented learning is one of the revolutionary technologies of contemporary learning. Augmented technology is still emerging as applications are being explored. But the learning experience offered by augmented solutions totally fits the mobile learner. Víctor Alvarez from Spain is one of the augmented learning experts during the MobiMOOC course. During the augmented learning week (22 - 29 September 2012), he will focus on what you can achieve with augmented learning and how you can start with embedding it. Here you can find the augmented learning wikipage that offers an overview of what Víctor will cover, in addition to this he is already looking forward to hear all of our experiences, augmented hopes and dreams.  This presentation already gives a brief overview of what you can expect. 

MobiMOOC is a free, international, online course on mobile learning (mLearning) that starts on 8 September and ends on 30 September 2012. The course is open to all, so join us to collaboratively enhance our mobile learning knowledge. 

More information on MobiMOOC:
Where: online, you can sign up for the course by becoming a member of the Google group at
Cost:  this is a free course: registration and participation are free
When:  8 – 30 September 2012
Central course location:
Participate in the MobiMOOC Award: if you participate in the MobiMOOC award, your mobile learning project overview can earn you 500 USD. See here formore information.

Topics: 12 mobile learning topics will be covered, guided by expert facilitators on the subject, but always aimed at sharing all of our experiences and plans. 
Topics covered: introduction to mobile learning, planning mobile learning (Inge de Waard, Belgium), mobile learning curriculum (Adele Botha, South-Africa), corporate mLearning (Amit Garg, India), augmented learning (Victor Alvarez, Spain), global mLearning topics (John Traxler, UK), mobile health (Malcolm Lewis, Australia), mobile activism in education (Sean Abajian, USA), serious games with mobiles (David Parsons, New Zealand), mobile learning theory and pedagogy (Geoff Stead, UK), mobile learning tools (all of the participants), mLearning for developing regions (Michael Sean Gallagher, Korea/USA/UK) and train-the-trainer solutions (Jacqueline Batchelor, South-Africa).

Format of the course: the course is built around the format of a Massive Open Online Course, which means that it can cater to any number of participants (no limit: Massive), free for all to join  (Open), the course locations are all accessible online (Online) and it is a Course.  This format is based on connecting all the participants together, and collaboratively start dialogues, discussions and exchanging ideas.

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