Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Join #MobiMOOC for an #ethical debate on #mLearning #philosophy

As the free and open online course on mobile learning (MobiMOOC) is approaching its starting date (if you have not signed up for the free course, simply become a member here), the specialized topics are getting populated with wonderful content. For all of you interested in discussing technologies and its impact, get involved in the John Traxler's week on the impact of mobile devices on the world.

John Traxler has paved the way for many mobile learners and he is philosopher at heart looking at the benefits and potential pitfalls of learning with mobile devices in the current world.

What is your opinion on these random questions?
  • When the North is providing technology for the South, is this empowering for the South, or only opening up a profit for the North? 
  • Up until now education has not been able to reach all children and provide primary education for all (United Nations Millennium Goals), so is it reasonable to think that mobile learning will achieve this, or is this yet another technological utopia?
  • When will we see the first African cell-phone companies challenging the global market?
  • Is it possible to build a durable mobile learning strategy for all, if poor people (any region) can only afford low budget phones?
  • Is the use of mobile devices in the classroom another addition to the digital divide, creating an ever growing gap between the have's and the have not's in all regions?
John has been adding content to the course wiki, creating an interesting set of resources (movies, papers...) so feel free to have a look already.

If you feel a growing interest, or if you have strong ideas on the subject, get to the MobiMOOC google group, become a member for free and get engaged in the MobiMOOC course! There is a growing number of wonderful people gathering there, from 6 (SIX!) continents. Only Antarctica is missing ... what do these scientists do there? Don't they use mobile devices?

Here is a movie where John Traxler gives his view on mobile devices and their impact:

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