Thursday 7 February 2008

FP7 - projects

There is another ICT call (call 3) open for FP7 projects and some rumours going around at ITM trying to get solid projects going.

A lot of interesting thoughts going around but as always - and as mentioned by the all knowledgeable Sean McCarthy of Hyperion: the budget and the ethics questions are always underestimated, yet crucial in a project proposal. A few of the researchers at ITM are really busy to get the content and techniques going with partner institutions, but ... we will ask outsiders to look into the proposals and look at the solidity of the budget and ethics.
Another forté for future projects is the incorporation of new European countries as project partners.

If any of you out there are interested in getting an FP7 proposal together, you might want to consider becoming an Cordis expert. If you are an expert in your field, you can offer yourself as an expert to evaluate proposals (not your own proposals of course), that way you can see the research that is done in your field, get an idea of the strong players. This in its turn will get you into a better starting position to launch future bids.
So if you did not register as a possible Cordis expert, get cracking at: Cordis expert.

If you have strategic ideas in how to tackle FP7 projects, feel free to comment and add, looking forward to an exchange of strategies (or possible future partnerships).


  1. I made the experience that it is really important to go to the workshops and sessions organised by the ICT unit. The descriptions in the call are condensed to an extent that it is hard to understand what the EU really wants. The presentations in the workshops help to get the ideas.

  2. hi Ullrich
    That is a great tip, I will look at their appointments and try to get in.