Thursday 14 February 2008

social media: benefits for researchers

This is the powerpoint of a presentation I (partially) gave in WiZiQ. It gives an overview for people that want to start using social media, but want to see what is out there before jumping in. If you want to you can download the presentation from Slideshare.

Part of this presentation was given in WiZiQ. But due to lack of time it was cut short. If you are planning to schedule a session with the great WiZiQ tool you will need to remember to set-up enough time to allow interaction and transferring the controls to other participants.
I will put in the URL to the session as soon as it is published by WiZiQ.

For me this was a first scheduled session with WiZiQ and I must say it is really easy to use and intuitive for the users as well. Afterwards my colleagues were eager to start with their own sessions and to deploy it in low resource setting. That will be interesting to see if low bandwidth also allows full viewing (or usage without video feature if the bandwidth is really low).
WiZiQ allows the participants to have control over video, audio, whiteboard (you can draw, add content: flash, powerpoint, MS docs), link to websites, etcetera. WiZiQ has a chat function and gives the participants different colours so you can easily distinguish different chat lines.
There is also a pointer that can be given to learners to point out unclear details in the session. There is also a math bar.

WiZiQ is working on a premium version that will be costing something, but all the basic features we used today will be kept free of charge.

Thank you Mark Cruthers for the great intro on WiZiQ which covered all the basic features in WiZiQ (he came out of bed at 5 o'clock to moderate it)! Thank you Sylvia for mentioning the session in SCoPe. Thank you Willem for taking over while the mic sound was found and Jan for the professional help.

If you feel that I have forgotten a crucial part in the presentation, or if you have great applications to add, please comment. Thank you in advance.


  1. I enjoyed and learned from your PowerPoint. Thanks.

  2. Hoi Inge,

    Very nice and concise presentation. I'll to check out the webconference tool you used.
    Hope the presentation was a great success!

  3. Presentation was great! It was nice to hear your voice and connect in a new way. I look forward to working with you on a SCoPE seminar discussion on this topic.