Friday 22 February 2008

Going mobile the hard link way

Although QR code is not that common in Belgium, I thought it was time to add it to my blog. If any of you out there have a QR camera on your phone you can then easily keep track of my mobile feeds.

QR coding is a Japanese invention, but is slowly invading the world.

To get this QR code for my blog, I used the winksite website, but you can also use the Kaywa feed2mobile if you like a Swiss communications company. If you are interested in getting the complete information sheet on QR code, look at the blogpost from Kaywa with more detailed information on QR code.

The geek thing about this is, that you can photograph the code, but read what it captured later when you have the time or feel like it. If you use the winksite QR coder, you can choose which type of content you want to put out there (web, phone, rss...) in my case I just put on my website. Why I choose winksite to provide me with code, is because it is their company is compliant with W3C standards for mobile sites. Which is always good to support. And they have a nice community going.

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