Monday, 18 February 2008

cheap laptops on the road

"Just give me a cheap word processor that I can carry!" was my mom's reply when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She writes and because she likes to go outside or just sit in a café, she wanted more then a mobile device, but less then a full blown desktop and especially an easy to use keyboard. Ever since she mentioned it, I wanted one as well.

A couple of companies picked up on that market segment and now... the run for buyers has begun.

The latest initiative is from Elonex (a review at the times online). A simple laptop with basic memory (1GB, extendible up to 8GB), free word processor, spreadsheet, MP3 player, photo editor web browser and e-mail software. A nice feature is the detachable screen, which gives you a tablet whenever needed. The OS is Linux and it features open-source software. It will be shown at the Education Show in Birmingham.

Other choices or already more known:
OLPC XO laptop (one laptop per child) and the Asus EEE. Although the Asus EEE comes out of the comparison as being the best buy, helping the world to become a little more connected is of course a worthwhile investment. A good review on the asus EEE, a nice one on the OLPC XO.

My main concerns are: strong keyboard and firm processor, so I am hoping for the Elonex one to give me just that. If so, I am buying.