Monday, 25 February 2008

How would you integrate QR code in eLearning?

And how to win a 2GB USB stick?

Last week I put QR code on my website to allow mobiles to just pick up my website and look at it on their mobile. After that post I got a mail from Roger Smolski who has started an online blog on QR codes. His blog got my mind buzzing with possibilities.

While reading through its possibilites:

The one possibility that blew my mind was the Voice of the Street initiative. They have linked QR code, to Google Maps to Art and with interactivity. Yes, this gets your mind hyper does not it!

There is also an elimination game which uses QR codes on t-shirts which got my attention.

What I was wondering about was: how can we integrate QR code in eLearning? There are a lot of creative ideas possible:

- send out cards with QR codes that send your mobile to different assessments;

- use the QR code for field trips like the Voice in the Street initiative: get your history class or engineering class roaring from one site to another and get QR codes to get them to the pre-defined locations.

- Or just plainly get your students involved in finding a new learning application that uses QR code.

But what about corporate learning?

You could use this type of technology to get some really neat team-building going: find the founders of the company, gather around a mobile water cooler that is mentioned on the corporate flyer…

Or dispense a flyer with all the mobile courses mentioned in QR codes and then disperse it so everyone can zoom in on the course of their interest… All you need to do is get QR codes for locations, buildings, corporations, websites… and you start putting your learning activity together.

What ideas do you have or are you absolutely AGAINST using QR code? Looking forward to your thoughts!

Another nice feature on Roger Smolki’s blog is the fact that you can send your QR codes or 2D ideas to the blog and he will give them blogging attention. So … let’s do it!

Because all of these ideas got me going, I also included an image in this post to win a 2GB usb stick. Just uncode the image in this post and the first commentator that puts in what is written wins the stick. (for the site that generated the code look at my previous post). Good luck.