Thursday, 29 November 2007

session implement social media in companies

IBM has made content without including learners in the production process of courses!! (see below at Bert De Coutere).

Paul Westeneng
Wiki Welten: Dutch wiki working on the media wiki engine.
usage went down, below expectation, mostly senior contributors that were adding content.
most users expect handson information, which gives a problem if it is not immediately delivered => integration of different poles (see image) = usage got spectacularly back on track.
other changes:

Nick van Dam
global talent challenge: how can we develop next generation leaders? A lot of the baby boomers will go out soon (mwoehahaha). A lot of old jobs will no longer be there.
building strategic learning capabilities: higher content is the trend in business learning. (harvard business school's management and leadrship courses (check this out it is online learning with certification).
deloitte uses podcasts, screencasts (streamed)... (the things we use at ITM, so we are doing alright).
one competence framework for everybody and they mapped competancy with different learning objects. online learning curricula for all business units
use a internal myspace for the company.
eLearning for kids

Bert De Coutere
learning at IBM
they use
talks about the ibm knowledge factory

here he puts out a question to the room: 'how can you involve the learner without loosing the quality?' Something strange here, apparently IBM has been developing courses without input of learners from the beginning.... this is REALLY unsuspected!! They should include learners from the beginning? I am at a loss now.
As one woman suggests that he should ask the learners to give all the content and than discuss it, he actually says 'that is a possible idea'!! Okay, my partner is right I live in another world. Definitely need a reality check (again).