Thursday, 29 November 2007

mobile learning session in OEB

Join mobile beta (see below). A very informative session on mobile learning applications

John Traxler gave a great overview of the impact of mobile on all societies (have broadcasted it, will put up the link soon)

Gabor Kismihok

Very interesting pilot case!!

blended mobile learning example, things I picked up:

Tool: adaptive testing
all content based on educational ontology (I need to look up the educational ontology slide)
integrated mobile forum in CMS! profs give feedback on questions that might be raised during the lecture.
administrative SMS communication (like this idea)

Andreas Ua'Siaghail
(pax warrior - resolve labs)
because mobiles are a personal instrument, it is good to give the students the choice in which mobiles they use for learning. Better than pushing a mobile on to them.
he asks to get involved in the full beta of 'part of pax'

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