Thursday, 8 November 2007

educational widgets and informal language

While going through all the great information that the College2.0 community has to offer. Marielle Lange send in a very interesting set of widgets that can be used for educational purposes for k12 students. Some of them are in French. She also bundeled some software to make presentations or sharing media which is very helpful.

The one I really liked the phonetic chart. Ever since a linguistic friend of mine told me written English is one of the best kept written languages, I cannot get that idea out of my mind. According to her, if you speak the words like you they are written, you will find a resemblence with other German languages and it really works.

Informal Linguistic Learning: so while I am reading an English book, I get the urge to spe-ak every word in its original w-ritten form and more than ones the resemblence with medieval Flemisch and Afrikaans words springs to mind.
But that reminds me, in 1906 there was an article in the New York Times that was pro-Dutch language and pleaded that it should be the official language in Washington and all official US departments.

But looking at this post... how do I ever think I can get structure in my blog, if I cannot even stay with one topic inside the same post? Memo to myself: stick to ONE topic per post, do not multi-think while writing.

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