Friday, 16 November 2007

Blog philosophy taken lightly: blogging is competitive – easy guidelines for quick importance

There is some strange behaviour when it comes to blogging (or any ICT use for that matter). People tend to add significant data or information to be taken seriously. Because everybody can use easy guidelines to enhance ones status, I have jotted some of them down here:

Started blogging: if ever you need to address the moment you started blogging, you need to say 19XX. This is very important (if you only started in 20XX just think of your dairy days and add that date, but be sure not to go back to far!)
First computer: if you need to speak of your first computer, make it at least 198X, later than that and you are practically admitting that you are not a savvy of the first generation.
Using widgets: since 2005 you have been using widgets (of course).
Active participator: you have been participating in online conferences since they first started (and here you add a chuckle while you explain: “oh I remember it well, it was still with a modem and you could join the likes of Bill G. and Steve J…");
(Google) ranking: statistics rank you, but if in need simply photoshop the google ranking picture and add any ranking you like.
• you must have an openID (btw: I found out that it is good to look up openID in wikipedia to be able to show it off at meetings and conferences);

The latest indirect blog competition I entered was clustr maps. I added this feature yesterday, which of course has very little connections up until now. So I will now start a tour around the world and access my blog from all corners in the world to enhance my global significance as a blogger.

Or I will just try and twitter it and hope the community will help…

Please add your tips to enhance a blogging status, I will be more than happy to embrace all your suggestions.

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Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.


  1. The caricature is great!
    I don't agree with everything in the post, still it's funny!

  2. It is a great cartoon indeed.

    I was just rambling a bit :-)