Thursday, 15 November 2007

Mobile guidelines for better content

The latest trends in mobile technology and content were given in speed tempo at the conference There were a bunch of speakers (17!) who each got between 15 – 30 minutes and the format worked. In just one days time I got updated on some of the trends in mobile design and development.

Open standards
Because I am a fan of open standards, I really liked Andrea Trasatti of dotMobi. The site of is a mobile developers community with a clear understanding and willingness to work with open standards.
He also mentioned the W3C mobile web initiative
Linked to this CDF’s were mentioned to appear on handsets from 2008 onwards. CDF’s or Compound Document is the W3C term for a document that combines multiple formats, such as XHTML, SVG, SMIL and XForms.

A great test from the W3C consortium, a MobileOK basic test to see whether or not your mobile development project works within the standards.

Browser for cheap cell phones

For low resource settings I found the opera speaker (Charles McCathieNevile) very useful. He mentioned Opera mini which brings the Web to low cost cell phones.

Mobile Tools
The tools I jotted down were SoonR, WURFL and Volantis.

Contest with lots of money!
Well, it was of course the google man that got the crowd going by mentioning the android developer challenge. To all you developers out there: DO IT!!

The networking was nice as well, I finally got to see Nicola who also wrote a post on the conference , Chris Mills from Opera, Simone, Sheila and I met Jennifer or Ms Jenn from Black Phoebe with some notes on the conference, really great people.

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  1. Thanks, Ignatia :) This sounds exciting; will keep checking out your blog more often for updates on the event.

    Enjoy and have FUN :)