Monday 10 February 2014

#emoocs2014 Video’s do’s and don’ts from EFPL with Patrick Jermann

Patrick Jermann knows how to capture his audience and he does. His talk was also very comprehensive and practical, with a clear focus on his topic. He looks like a wonderful guy, ready to share what he knows with anyone interested.
What he shared (followed by the actual slidedeck accompanying his talk at the end of this live blogpost). He looks at his lessons learned, the amount of time it took to record mooc video's and with which equipment he did it. 

Types of videos
Teaser. Promotional video
Leacuture. Annotate and comment a slide presentation
Demonstration. Comment of a technical setup / lab movie
+ internview / discussion. N teachers discuss a topic, a student asks question
+ hangouts. Live session which is streamed online.

The teachers are the video drivers
We provide a template and teachers prepare their slides
We coordinate the production
We setup the studio and teachers record alone
Supporting presence
Teachers’ image on the slides at the beginning and at the end
Pointer and invisible hand effect during explanations
Inform design with research

First of all, a human adventure
Each person is different, so a lot of dynamics in the video happens in the ten minutes before the actual shooting of the video.

Steps in the video
Welcome: full shot
Salutation and goodbye
Split shot with professor  + professor

Handwritten content (full shot)
Presence is put in by using live handwriting or providing pointers.

Production coordination: a lot of studio sessions that is for sure!
Record => edit => review (by professor) => audio and colour => upload => add subtitle => done
(an amazing set of MOOC video’s produced. Capacity calculation: 1 unit => 7 – 15 min, 1 MOOC week = 5 units (5 hours studio, 20 hours editing), 10 MOOCs to produce in 3 months.

Studio layout
Away from any traffic
Insultation foam to absorb echoes
Black, white, green backdrops
Mobile workbench with tablet computer
Close to support team
Large enough to shoot full shot
Preparation and debriefing space

…. Just found his wonderful slidedeck  feel free to browse his slides here (facts and figures!)

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