Wednesday 22 January 2014

@HJarche on Mastering #Social #Media for collaboration and book

Since the dawn of my professional life, I have been following Harold Jarche. He is a constant inspiration, as he shares what he knows relentlessly, and advises companies on how to organize training in a more human, collaborative way. So good news for those residing close to The Hague in the Netherlands, as Harold is giving a masterclass (the page is in Dutch, but the masterclass will be in English) on Friday 31 January in the Haagse Toren in Den Haag, next to Den Haag Hollands spoor train station. The masterclass does cost 350 EUR, but if you look for real experiences in setting up succesful collaborative networks in your company... joining this class will be worth it. 

On another note, Harold wrote a chapter on social learning for the newly released social learning handbook 2014 written for the most part by Jane Hart. This 178 page book offers a great set of options to embed social collaboration at the workplace. 

And if you are wondering what Harold might talk about, here is a link to one of his latest slideshares

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