Friday, 24 January 2014

5 slide decks on #mLearning #MOOC and #Future for download

Just got a boost from Slideshare! As I was sleepingly looking at my slideshare account (I go there sometimes, procrastination, I admit), I found that the content I uploaded was within the top 1% of most viewed content. That was quite a surprise. Fun.

And with a word number per slide far exceeding the average word number, I am quite proud. Because I tend to use my PowerPoints as small manuals, with links, more information... for later retrieval. Granted, they never look really attractive, but it is making them informative - I hope - which counts, so links galore as far as I am concerned. For that same reason I upload my slides with the option to download. Share the knowledge! For those interested in educational slide deck procrastination... download as you like. Here are just a couple of my most downloaded slideshare's:

Intro to durable and scalable mobile learning - 11.900 views, 73 downloads

MOOC benefits for international learners - 6700 views, 110 downloads

The future (of learning) will be telepathic and telekinetic - 3800 views, 57 downloads

Planning an mobile learning project - 4400 views, 46 downloads

Plan your own MOOC from OEB2013 - 4200 views, 29 downloads (this one is my latest slide deck)

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