Thursday 9 January 2014

Free online book on #mobile learning research

The relentless editing team of Mohamed Ally and Avgoustos Tsinakos have released a free, online book on global mobile learning implementations and trends in collaboration with the Open University of China. You can download the 258 page book here

The book covers a lot of interesting areas and took up an article that me and co-authors previously published wrote for IRRODL on Using mLearning and MOOCs to understand chaos, emergence, and complexity in education. 

Chapter 1 State of Mobile Learning Around the World by Avgoustos Tsinakos
Chapter 2 Mobile Learning in International Development by John Traxler
Chapter 3 Universal Instructional Design Principles for Mobile Learning by Tanya Elias
Chapter 4 Planning for Mobile Learning Implementation by Amit Garg
Chapter 5 Blended Mobile Learning: Expanding Learning Spaces with Mobile Technologies by Agnieszka Palalas
Chapter 6 Mobile and Digital: Perspectives on Teaching and Learning in a Networked World by Barbara Schroeder
Chapter 7 Using mLearning and MOOCs to Understand Chaos,Emergence,and Complexity in Education by Inge de Waard, Sean Abajian, Michael Sean Gallagher, Rebecca Hogue, Nilg√ľn Keskin, Apostolos Koutropoulos, Osvaldo C. Rodriguez
Chapter 8 Changing the Way of Learning: Mobile Learning in China by Li Shiliang Sun Hongtao 
Chapter 9 Challenges for Successful Adoption of Mobile Learning by David Topolewski et al.
Chapter 10 Location-Based Learning with Mobile Devices by Qing Tan Nashwa El-Bendary
Chapter 11 Mobile Microblogging: Using Twitter and Mobile Devices in an Online Course to Promote Learning in Authentic Contexts by Hsu Yu-Chang Ching Yu-Hui
Chapter 12 Mobile Learning in K-12 in Alberta, Canada by Dermod Madden
Chapter 13 Trailblazing Through a Steeper Path: A Snapshot of Teachers’Explorations in Mobile Learning Implementation in Hawaii’s Public Schools by Lin Meng-Fen Grace Ritsuko Iyoda Curtis P. Ho

Chapter 14 Using Self-Efficacy to Assess the Readiness of Nursing Educators and Students for Mobile Learning by Richard F. Kenny et al.

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