Wednesday 8 January 2014

Free online multimedia book on persuasive #presentations

This is just a wonderful book. It also fits with my aim to lift my presentation skills to the next level. I love an audience, I love discussions, so I want to make sure to reach out and touch (why does Diana Ross immediately come to mind?).

This free, online multimedia book is written by Nancy Duarte and it gives magnificent pointers on how to make your presentation stand out. The book is called Resonate and can be found here. The book is using multimedia, pictures, meaningful texts in such a way that I found it a real pleasure to read. She provides simple and more difficult suggestions to engage with any audience you might encounter. And one of her basic concepts is that the audience is the hero, so you should at all times offer knowledge that might be of use to them (I completely agree with that, it is an old dialogue premise, but not always as easy to ensure).

While reading it, I found close links to movie narratives (challenges, overcoming obstacles, call for action...) and all the while using embedded cultural metaphor's. But also adding to the reality of audiences faced: e.g. whether a presentation is political, corporate or academic; the audience consists of four distinct types of people capable of taking action: doers, suppliers, influencers and innovators.

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