Thursday 22 March 2012

Learning Solutions #LScon: indirect learning on Education

Today was a wonderful, incredibly inspiring day. I (re)met wonderful people, got inspiring ideas, was moved by respectful, warm words... it can be so great to mingle. And every time I learn, I will gladly share some posts inspired by those informal get together's.

David Metcalf from METIL redirected me to James Tooley, on his project/book 'the beautiful tree' which talks about how the poor educate themselves. His project is fabulous, he gets a micro-finance business going that offers communities in any poor area around the world to organize, set-up and deploy education. Before including the video of James talking about the low-cost private schools in the slums of India. If you have not heard of him, check out the video to get inspired on new ways of education. Really, it will inspire for it shows how people in the most difficult circumstances manage to set up schools where pupils can follow education for low cost (2 $).

But before heading to the video, David Metcalf also mentioned a recently published book he co-edited that highlights 10 mHealth projects. For those interested in mHealth, you can find a link to the eBook here (you can download it and read it offline via the iOffline software).
The short synopsis of the book:
mHealth: From Smartphones to Smart Systems
By Rick Krohn, MA, MAS, and David Metcalf, PhD
mHealth: From Smartphones to Smart Systems provides a high-level and comprehensive survey of the emergence of mobile technology heatlhcare. This book looks beyond the already-popular devices and apps associated with mhealth, exploring the major role this technology could play as healthcare steers inexorably toward an architecture in which key decision making occurs at the point-of-care. In its fullest flowering, mHealth will serve as the catalyst that effectively addresses healthcare's most intractable problems--quality and cost--and will form the centerpiece of healthcare programs aimed at chronic disease management, population health, wellness and prevention. This book covers a variety of topics, including an industry assessment of mHealth solutions, clinical and business applications, privacy and security concerns, stakeholder involvement, infrastructure issues and much more. Also incuded are 10 case studies that highlight how some organizations have moved forward with their own mHealth initiatives. 2012.

But now, the video on how some of the poor people organize their own learning (Kenya, Tanzania, India...).

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