Thursday, 22 March 2012

Learning Solutions #LScon: Erik Wahl on the Art of Vision

Live blogging from the learning solutions conference (@LScon). This keynote comes from Erik Wahl (from the Wahl Group), who will focus on the Art of Vision. Sounds promising!

This is what the short description said: As the landscape for business continues to change, a clear vision is the key to successfully navigating tomorrow’s uncharted waters. The Art of Vision is a program specifically designed to help companies utilize unconventional wisdom and build a vision for their future. No matter what kind of organization – from small companies to large corporations – employees at all levels can better embrace the future by becoming more innovative. By breaking apart traditional thinking, Erik challenges and inspires his audiences to redefine commonly held assumptions and misconceptions about “creativity," "goals," "success,” and "vision.” Discover how you can sharpen your creative skills and identify a personal style for inspiring yourself and others to rethink vision and purpose.

And now for what he is saying:
Erik Wahl moves all over the place and draws to connect both brain hemispheres while he is presenting. He speaks very motivational and engaging.

In his presentation the key point ws to bridge the left an right brain to be equiped to cope with this Knowledge era.

Border between creativity and corporate strategy is the new frontier and ... the land of opportunity for this era.
Trust s the biggest currency (e.g. social media)
School system is too one dimensional, linear: we must step away from that.
We need to take risks again.
We need to look for ways to work smarter, to self educate, to empower our employees to become knowledgeable and keep it that way.
Education in a changing educational world we need to find new educational models.
Programming our minds, accessing the emotional brain which will drive vision twoards were we want to be.

His business went broke, his identity got blown to pieces ... so he learned that everything can be taken away just like that. That is where he learned to trust himself, travel, let go and become more ourselves again.
Emotional commitment to be better equiped to succeed.

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