Thursday, 28 August 2008

Social Media makes this course stand out

Thanks to the great College20 community started by Eduardo Peirano, I could read a post by Alejandra Pickett that really blew my mind. The way she build her course is a great example of combining several relevant Social media to enhance a course.

If you are a member of the College20 community, feel free to immediately surf to her post. (btw the membership is free and the community runs on software). As a way to support her learners, she used Jing, which I covered in a previous post, extensively.

Here is an excerpt of her post:
"Here is a tour of my course in which i use several web tools external to the moodle, the course management system.

Some of the tools used in the course are : - for course announcements - an audio/video/text ice breaking activity - shared references and resources that persist beyond the end of the term for student access. - instructions and audio feedback - instructor and student metacognitive journaling activities and descriptive feedback. - podcasted interviews with online exemplar courses and faculty."

Not only that, but it seems that Alejandra Pickett's expertise lies in Second Life, just stroll around her slideshare shows. Impressive!

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