Monday 4 August 2008

Identity (3) - getting your profile out

Back on my blogposting track after a marvelous holiday in Canada and a bit of relaxation in and around Belgium.

Before I went on holiday I started thinking about my identity (personal marketing and identity open and everywhere). My virtual friend emapey (who just did a great job on redesigning his Online Sapiens blog) pointed a finger at a small inefficiency on my blog: my profile. My profile was nothing more then a couple of words without too much meaning. Although my longterm virtual colleagues might know who I am, a clear profile is necessary for any short time visitors.

I also noticed that my resume was completely out of date, reflecting the speed with which eLearning is changing and growing. This fall I will follow some modules from the master course on distance education at the Athabasca University, so I was in need of an updated resume as well.

But what a job this is! I had forgotten projects, misplaced abstracts... my mind forgot things I did... it was hard work to get the puzzle back together again and mold it into something useful. The result still is not as thrilling as I would love to see it, but at least it gives a clear idea on the things I have been working on recently.

So thanks emapey for kicking me in the behind and push me to update my profile.

For those who might be interested, look at the right hand side of my blog or simply push this button


Suggestions welcomed. Happy to be active again in the virtual realm.

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