Wednesday, 6 August 2008

My Top 10 Mobile Tools for Learning

Jane Hart from the Center for Learning & Performance Technologies is still looking for Top 10 Tools for Learning. Anyone who wants to add their knowledge feel free to go to and add your own list.

I have added my Top 10 Mobile Tools for Learning and they are:

  1. Opera mini browser : this browser saves me on download time and size (which comes down to saving money).
  2. mobile search engine delight, but unfortunately only in English for the moment.
  3. QIK real live streaming right from your mobile. Great for immediate sharing of knowledge or teaching on the go.
  4. Socialight Mixtape is a great way to mix/edit your own mobile walking tour. Really great also for mlearning, for example if you want to make a tour on the Georgian architecture, the first Women Entrepreneurs in a city …
  5. Quickmark is a really cool QRcode reader that can easily be installed and catches QRcodes quickly and efficiently.
  6. Flickr mobile for my mobile on the go shots.
  7. YouTube mobile for really easy uploading of mobile videos.
  8. Mobile active keeps me informed on great mobile projects throughout the world.
  9. Fring (VOIP) which keeps me connected to other mobile colleagues and friends. Looking forward to the Fring mini, which promises to be a solution for global cell phones that are not VOIP enabled.
  10. Mobile study questionnaires a really easy and free way to give your learners access to mobile multiple choice quizzes.
Let me know any great mobile tools you are using, always hungry to learn!