Thursday 14 August 2008

Identity: personal marketing (2) getting your eLearning papers and articles published

Today I am building on previous posts on personal marketing and how to write papers in order to motivate myself to write more and enhance my chances on being published. Yes, I believe in the power of the written word.

Some paper submission possibilities:

Interdisciplinary Journal of eLearning and learning objects

Actapress, this is a scientific publication company that has a couple of relevant journals
Advanced Technology for Learning
Technology for Education and Learning
If you want to submit the paper at Actapress, you can do it here (if the server does not run out).

European Journal of Open, Distance and eLearning

In my case I like to write articles ones and a while, leaving me more freedom, so here are a few eLearning magazines I like:
The magnificent eLearning Guild
The ever interesting eLearn magazine
United States Distance Learning Association

While I was searching for others, suddenly I struck a goldmine! Thanks to Christine .H. Olgren from the University of Wisconsin-Madison I got a whole list of possible Journals and Magazines,

so look around and see what could be useful to you.After reading the great list of Christine Olgren, I have nothing more to add… unless you know about extra journals or magazines to be published in?

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