Saturday, 12 September 2015

Some free reading from @RoutledgeBooks: chapters

With Routledge sharing some free chapters, it is easier (and more tempting) to choose some of their book titles. So gladly sharing the free online chapters Routledge is offering at this moment, or as they promote it:
We are pleased to bring you a selection of chapter compilations from our key book series.
Each compilation features a number of chapters from different titles within the series. The compilations give you an idea of the content and scope of the book series.
All of these compilations are free for you to view online.
Where to find these free chapters? Here.

The chapters can be easily read and shared , as the screen tool allows zooming in and out and a quick sharing option as well.

I am reading " The 'Turn to Gramski' in the English language" and one I really look forward to is a chapter from the book "New directions in the philosophy of education" series: chapter entitled: "the poeticization of culture", under the umbrella of 'truth and freedom'... intriguing.