Tuesday 15 September 2015

#Ectel2015 presentation Self-Directed Learning dimensions #MOOC

The EC-TEL conference is organised in Toledo, Spain, and I just got my slides ready for the presentation on Thursday. It will be a short paper based presentation, describing the background, method, challenges ... of investigating Self-Directed Learning experiences with adult learners, covering learners that were engaged in 3 FutureLearn courses (a brand of MOOC courses).

The short paper is available through Academia here. Abstract of the paper:
Self-Directed Learning (SDL) is gaining interest, as online learning is increasingly learner-centered. FutureLearn courses provide an array of online interactions and content deliveries, which have allowed the authors to investigate a diversity of SDL elements. This preliminary research examines the SDL taking place in three FutureLearn courses, and categorises those learner actions into meaningful elements and dimensions for the learners. The SDL framework  by Bouchard [1] is used to interpret the self-reported findings coming from active learners. The research uses a grounded theory approach to look for learner experiences related to four dimensions (algorithmic, conative, semiotic, and economic) of the Bouchard [1] framework, and to discover new dimensions. Various research instruments are used: online surveys, learning logs, and one-on-one interviews, all collected pre-, during, or post-course. The initial adaptation of Bouchard’s framework offers insights into SDL, its meaning, and value as perceived by the learners.
The slides are in a beta form of course, as I will reflect upon them in the next two days. The presentation will be on Thursday 17 September in session 5A from 14.30 - 16.00 (for unknown reasons in the learning analytics and visualisation session? Might have been more in tune with MOOC and informal learning), organised in Room A.