Monday 11 May 2015

ict4d #mobile and #elearning challenge for refugees send your ideas!

The Refugee Education Challenge (by OpenIdeo a social innovation platform, and supported by the Amplify project) is a clear, worthwhile initiative that can be answered by individual EdTech producers as well as companies or groups (corporate, academic, ngo). The challenge is simple in description, yet very complex in planning as refugees face multiple challenges at the same time, look at the ideas here.

Participating in the challenge:

  • imagine life in a refugee camp, the contexts, the infrastructure, cultures, priorities, realities....
  • better yet, ask around whether you know any (ex-)refugees
  • reflect on the knowledge and experience you have, and how this might solve some of the challenges faced by refugees
  • sign up in the OpenIDEO platform (more information will appear)
  • start designing a plan based on innovation (with or without pragmatism, but always keeping the refugee contexts in mind as guidelines) - there are some design principles available
  • share your plan on the platform
  • ....

and follow the next steps

You can submit ideas through the month of May 2015.

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