Monday 4 May 2015

Flipped #eMOOCs2015 conference videos via EdX course

The eMOOCs2015 conference will be starting in two weeks, and as a pre-conference treat videos and discussions on 10 top papers are presented in a real EdX MOOC format. By offering the videos and discussions prior to the actual conference sessions, we (= all conference organisers) hope to get a more in-depth discussion going during the sessions themselves. I will be chairing the flipped sessions from the Experience track, so I look forward to the results and discussions. 

Spreading the official words on the Flipped conference MOOC option:
MOOCs are opening up new opportunities for faculty members to flip their classrooms. Can we apply this educational innovation to scientific conferences by flipping the conference room? By bringing these principles from the academic field to the scientific context, EMOOCs 2015 seeks to evolve and challenge traditional conference organization. 

10 out of 36 papers from both the Experience and Research tracks will be presented following a flip mode: authors have chosen to prepare short videos explaining their results and research questions, and to share them before the conference begins. You can now discover the content of these papers and start the conversation online… During the live conference sessions in Mons, you’ll get the opportunity to deepen the discussions with your peers and the authors. 

These 10 papers, videos and quizzes constitute a MOOC called “ConfX EMOOCs 2015 Open Conference”, which is now accessible to everyone
This course is designed primarily for attendees of the EMOOCs 2015 conference, but is also open for all to engage in public discourse around MOOCs more broadly. EMOOCs 2015 is not only a flip mode conference but also an open one! 
What you need to do? Register  register now for EdX and discover the ongoing research on MOOCs and start preliminary discussions before the meeting in Mons. 

Spread the word and invite your colleagues - who may not have the opportunity to join us in Mons! They can join us online! 

And pre-conference options are available as well:
Pre-conference activities: MOOC authors share their MOOCs’ instructional design 
Do you feel you need to better understand what MOOCs are? Would you like to get a stronger sense of the variety of learning activities they can offer? Are you curious to discover more diverse ways of designing MOOCs? If so, then this pre-conference activity “Creative design for MOOCs” is for you! 

Come on Monday May 18th, from 10.00h to 12.00h, just before the EMOOCs conference starts! 
This activity will be organized as a barcamp: a participatory workshop event where content will be provided by participants. MOOC authors will share with the community their MOOCs’ instructional design. 
You’ll be invited to come and walk among the stands, talk to the presenters, and discover innovative ideas on instructional design that foster significant and interactive learning. In addition, you’ll be asked to collect all the great ideas you discover and to bring them back to the community and organizers. With the resulting, collection, we intend to compile a collective publication gathering creative MOOCs’ instructional designs.
See you in the welcome hall of the conference on Monday morning!

Have you already organized a MOOC that you are proud of? 
Would you like to share your experience during this pre-conference activity?
You are invited to take an active part in the barcamp: show and explain one particular MOOC design element you find amazing / creative / rare / original / particularly well done / very efficient etc.: one learning activity, one assessment activity, one particular way of interaction with students, etc. 
Bring your computer (full charged), screenshots, poster… or whatever tools you find useful to share your enthusiasm… and take your place as a presenter in the barcamp! 

Interested? Please contact for registration info and further details.

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