Monday, 1 October 2012

#Augmented Reality #AR overview and examples provided by Victór Alvarez

Augmented reality is moving us slowly moving towards the future of embedded intelligent technology. In this webinar recording from Victór Alvarez he gives a comprehensible overview of what augmented reality is and can be.
In addition he shows Ariane, a really wonderful and promising AR-tool for teachers or trainers. The video of Ariane shows the application that will be available on iPhone, iPad and Android soon and which gives teachers and/or trainers immediate, intuitive and simple access to embedding the outer world into a meaningful learning experience. You can watch the Ariane video here (but do know that in this video you only see the application in action, while in the embedded video below Victór also explains how it works and why it is build as it is):

Or you can look and listen to Victórs wonderful overview on AR and Ariane below.

This webinar is part of MobiMOOC2012, a free and open, online course on mobile learning that took place in September 2012.

The slideshare of this presentation can be found here: 

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