Monday 1 October 2012

#mHealth projects and examples from David Metcalf

David Metcalf has a longstanding expertise in mobile projects. In the last years he has been involved in mobile health projects varying from nutrition to full-blown medical simulations. In this recorded seminar he shares some of his expertise on mHealth.

He also lists some key ideas of mhealth:
Develop once, deliver many
    Messaging versus applications versus Web: an integrated approach
mLearning is bigger than any single country or region
    'project M' - 1 billion people served on changing attitudes on HIV
    micro-financing options connected to mhealth initiatives (connecting mobiles to pico-projectors)
mLearning integrated
    bluetooth connections for glucose monitors (ability to build a social connectivist peer group support, what happens if knowledge comes together like siri, or other semantic knowledge )
    digital pens to scribe medical reports (captures audio and written notes)
    mobile 3D-scanner to get an idea of someone's medical condition
     Watson voice-based AI expert mentor (look up YouTube)
Location-based GPS everywhere (also indoor): as you walk through the clinic, you get the appropriate content related to that room, e.g. operating room, with surgery checklist application...
    4G and 3D
    giving improved learner outcomes for future doctors, and in other fields.
Mobile augmented reality for health
    launch 3D visual content so you can follow or learn a medical procedure

And he launches a call to develop our common mobile talent pool
    we need more people entering the mLearning talent pool: developers, UCF mobile makers club, need for partnerships...   

With examples from the health sector and some emergency mlearning examples and some challenges.This webinar is part of MobiMOOC, the free, open, online course on mLearning (

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